Goran Petmil creates sculptures & installations of unusual and found materials, filling galleries and spaces 
with art works that act as a looking glass to the viewer's own imagination. His work encourages the viewer 
to touch and experience its energy and get lost in it. 


For as long as remember I’ve been working on the art that makes up my world, a detailed rethinking of the stored hot inspiration within me. In 2005 I had partially withdrawn from the gallery exhibition spaces forming an opening only in my studio in Southampton. I work my art slowly, taking my time and leaving my pieces to take shape and breathe in the depths of my studio, working on my them for months I come back to them from time to time. I do not live by images, but I live for the art, I do a process of researching materials and textures, with each new layer of paint I'm opening up my own spiritual quest. Destruction, properties that disappear and matter are the primary goal and reason for my creativity, it launches my energy and ignites my spirit to star a feast of many layers, texture and color, it all comes to surface in the art. I find rays of hope and truth in the landscapes that men ruthlessly destroy all more and more. Large formats are a great part of my excitement, many size paintings, from realistic, to abstract, and sculptures are a part of my creating process. I don’t think I have a preferred style, I always try to create a different set of art than the one I previously created. For the last few years I’ve worked from large pieces, to collages, to paintings, and now I’m working on my Horizon series of paintings.